What types of projects does ITZIN usually take?
Itzin specializes in complex and highly technical jobs to create inspiring, beautiful and functional environments. ITZIN is the most highly sought after Design firm when it comes to innovative commercial projects that require creative problem solving, effective space planning and large-scale sourcing. The ITZIN team are experts in effectively working with corporate management teams to meet demanding deadlines, budgets and the highest standards. We have developed a reputation for sophisticated and functional spaces that exude a distinctive sense of place, design sensibility and strong brand identity. We also have a team of residential designers who have developed a sizable following of clientele who adore their ability to take a space and transform it into a home.
ITZIN can handle any size project.

What countries do you work in?
Itzin has experience working on projects all over the world.
We currently have ongoing projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh & India. The majority of our projects, and where we have the most strongly established local relationships, are throughout Thailand , Vietnam and Bangladesh.
We pride ourselves on our ability to work with contractors, subcontractors and on-site construction personnel in any country.
We are adept at navigating customs and regulations unique to various governments and businesses.

Is ITZIN the best firm to use if I am looking to create a beautiful, stylish, and impressive interior? I want a memorable and atmospheric space.
In short, yes. We specialize in creating distinctive and artful environments. Itzin is a leading creative interior architecture firm with experience in commercial and residential projects. We will work with you to turn your dreams and vision into reality

What can I expect when I first contact ITZIN?
We pride ourselves on unparalleled client communication.
From the outset, we seek to determine exactly the look and feel our clients are seeking and understand precisely how the space will function.
For commercial projects, prior to the commencement of any design processes, ITZIN conducts research and collects detailed data regarding customer needs and behaviors. We also do a comprehensive site inspection. We then use the results, data and feedback in outlining innovative design solutions to our clients